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About Us

Established in 2010, Jane Deux Event Management is a distinguished firm that has crafted exceptional experiences across various states and countries. With a unique blend of creativity, precision, and expertise, we specialize in curating luxurious weddings, orchestrating seamless corporate events, elevating non-profit gatherings, and hosting unforgettable private parties.
For couples seeking enchanting wedding celebrations, we bring dreams to life, transforming their vision into an elegant reality. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every element of their special day is infused with romance, fun, sophistication, and personal meaning, creating memories that last a lifetime.
For discerning corporate clients, we are your strategic partners in delivering impeccable events that resonate with your brand and objectives. From grand product launches to executive workshops, we execute flawlessly, leaving a lasting impression on your stakeholders and fostering business success.
Non-profit organizations trust us to craft events that inspire, engage, and drive their mission forward. We understand the unique dynamics of fundraising and philanthropy, and we work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals while creating meaningful connections with your supporters and partners.
Our commitment to excellence extends to private parties, where we transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. Whether it’s a milestone birthday celebration or an intimate soirée, our team ensures every detail reflects your style and personality, leaving you and your guests with cherished memories.
At Jane Deux Event Management, our mission is to exceed your expectations, regardless of the occasion. With over a decade of experience, we continue to set industry standards, ensuring that each event we touch becomes a masterpiece that resonates with wedding couples, corporate leaders, and non-profit advocates alike.
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Jane Deux Event Management & Consulting embarks on a mission to craft exceptional and tailored event solutions, catering to nonprofit organizations, corporations, and individuals alike. Our unwavering dedication is to deliver stress-free, impactful events that elevate our clients’ visions and objectives with integrity and creativity.
Whether it’s a corporate gathering that fosters meaningful connections, a nonprofit event that amplifies their mission, or a memorable wedding celebration for couples, we strive to create extraordinary experiences that drive success, inspire generosity, and leave lasting impressions.
We are committed to supporting and training event coordinators in business development, leadership, results-driven strategy, and effective events management. We believe in equipping up-and-coming professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their entrepreneurship journey or existing roles within a corporation or a non-profit entity.
Our mission is to be the catalyst for positive change, one event at a time, while relieving clients of the stress that often accompanies event planning. Our client’s vision is our commitment, and together, we shape meaningful moments and inspire purposeful action.
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Meet the Team

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Crystal Aryee

Managing Director, Co-Owner

Crystal Aryee is an event coordinator with over a decade of dedicated experience. Crystal is known for her work with esteemed community leaders and professional athletes, having meticulously planned events in various captivating locations, including Accra, Ghana, Montego Bay, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Napa Valley, CA.

Her humility and attention to detail have earned Crystal a respected place in her community where she strives to create exceptional events that leave lasting memories. Her mission is to infuse joy and meaning into every occasion, recognizing the importance of bringing people together in a special way.

At her core, Crystal believes in the power of connection and cherishes the opportunity to contribute to memorable experiences. Her dedication and commitment to excellence shines through in her work, making her a source of inspiration and guidance for those who value her expertise in event planning.

Crystal and her husband reside part-time in Houston, TX and part-time in Accra, Ghana. Together with her husband, she enjoys exploring culinary delights, with a special appreciation for Ghanaian cuisine.

Courtney Ball

Account Executive, Co-Owner

Courtney “CoCo” Ball has been a passionate force in the event management industry for more than ten years. Her dedication lies in curating intimate, memorable events for high-caliber social gatherings, and she infuses a distinctive zest into corporate functions such as conferences, seminars, product launches, music festivals, and tours.

The essence of her event planning passion is the joy and indelible memories she strives to provide. This path for Courtney has been one of both professional growth and personal gratification. It was during a poignant period of her life that she found her calling in this field, transforming her challenges into a catalyst for fulfilling her purpose and driving her professional success.

In collaboration with her business partner, their mission is to actualize their clients’ dreams with meticulous care and imaginative flair. Courtney’s contributions to their partnership are shaped by a harmonious blend of innovation, rigorous planning, and a deep understanding of their clients’ aspirations, all of which contribute to the distinctiveness of each event they undertake.

As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, Courtney revels in the rich and rewarding life she shares with her family.

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